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About me

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Hi, I'm Ylva
I help freelancers level up within marketing and tech - making sure no freelancer gets left behind in the digital fast lane. 



From freelance writer to full stack marketer

In the spring of 2021, I joined The Great Resignation. After 10+ years in the non-profit sector, I wanted to be in charge of my own time, have more creative freedom and be location-independent.  

So, I resigned from my stable 9-5 and started my own freelancing business. I started out as a freelance writer. But about a year into freelancing, I realized that my clients usually needed help with more areas within marketing - like content strategy, graphic design, email marketing etc.

So I decided to upskill within more areas of marketing and expand my service offering. Since then, I have been consistently booked out - working with about 2-3 clients at a time on a long-term basis (6 months to a year on average). 

Being a full-stack marketer for small businesses is a very fun role to have. It's a broad, creative role where your work really makes an impact on your clients' bottom line. Plus, there is a high demand for freelance full-stack marketers out there, which adds a nice sense of stability to the role. 

I’m currently running my fully remote business from Bali where I live with my husband and three kids. We love to travel and I'm so grateful that I can take my business with me on our travel adventures. 

At Scale


Why I started "Marketing At Scale"

For the past year, I have been upskilling within tech, learning how to leverage all these new AI marketing tools that are popping up left and right. 

I don't believe that AI marketing tools will replace freelancers. But, I do believe that freelancers who are not leveraging AI tools will be replaced by freelancers who are...

So I started "Marketing At Scale" because I want to help other freelancers stay on top of new tech tools within marketing and to stay competitive and relevant in the fast-paced marketing world. I'm also passionate about helping freelancers to upskill within marketing and tech. 

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