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Marketing At Scale

Bi-weekly newsletter with tips and practical resources to help you level up within marketing and tech - all within your coffee break

"Marketing At Scale is truly one of my favorite newsletters. It is super concise, to the point and highly relevant to my business. It’s also fun to read and easy to get through – Ylva is such a great writer. I feel smarter after I read her newsletters - it’s like “oh, I get it now."

Tiffany Jones

CEO & co-founder, Kenza Collective

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"I look forward to reading the Marketing At Scale newsletter whenever I see it in my inbox. Ylva curates a fascinating mix of marketing and tech insights. Not only do I learn fun things to try out in my business, but I also get to spark interesting conversations with clients and friends."

Candice Elliott

Fractional CHRO, Fortress and Flourish

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