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Canva Docs puts an end to our collective frustration of using designs in Google Docs

If you’ve ever tried to add an element of design to a Google Doc/Word document – you know how frustrating it can be. 🤯

Adding the image to a Word document is one thing, but having the image end up where you want it to in the document seems just about impossible.

In fact, it is so frustrating to work with visuals in a Word document, that it has been the topic of countless memes. Before we get to the main subject of this article, let’s just take a few of these memes.

And I kid you not, these are just the tip of the iceberg…

You get the idea, right? 😂

Well finally, FINALLY, we have a solution that will most likely put an end to our collective frustration over designing in a Word document.

Move over Google Docs - Canva just released its newest feature, Canva Docs.

Canva Docs is described as a “visual-first document creator,” helping you to easily design your document with visual elements such as charts, images, graphs, videos, and more. Canva Docs is available in the free version of Canva and has hundreds of preset templates.

But wait, there’s more!

Canva Docs actually has some very useful generative AI tools integrated - it includes both a text-to-image tool as well as Magic Write - an AI-powered writing assistant.

Magic Write is built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 and helps you to quickly add or edit copy in your document.

With Canva’s library of images and graphics, built-in design function and the text-to-image tool - designing in Canva docs is very simple, even for a non-designer.

The intro template to Canva Docs - to help you get started

One caveat here is that your Canva Doc is not that shareable outside of Canva. Currently, it’s only possible to download your Canva doc as a PDF. This is probably because Canva is building out its own productivity suite in an effort to take on the big players - Google, Microsoft and Adobe, so they want their users to stay on the Canva platform.

But judging by what we’ve seen from Canva so far - our bet is on Canva as they battle with the giants. 🦾

Let’s end with a few more memes, just for fun! After all, Canva docs will probably mean the end for memes on the “designing in Word”-frustration.


AI in freelance writing.jpeg

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