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These women are reshaping the tech industry

International Women's Day on March 8th is a day to both recognize progress and to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done in achieving gender equality. In the business world, this is especially true for the tech industry. For example, female founders receive less than 3% of VC funding. 

But, did you know that the first programmer was actually a woman? Ada Lovelace, recognized as the first computer programmer, set the stage for future generations. Today, countless women are not just part of the tech industry; they are leaders and innovators. Here are some of the most influential women who are shaping the tech landscape today.

Melanie Perkins - Co-founder and CEO of Canva

From a college student in Perth, Australia, to a billionaire tech entrepreneur. Melanie Perkins co-founded Canva, a graphic design platform that democratized design, making it accessible to everyone. Melanie conceptualized Canva in 2007 when she was just 19 years old. Under her leadership, Canva has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar company, empowering users worldwide with user-friendly design tools.

Mira Murati - CTO of OpenAI

Mira Murati is an Albanian engineer and tech executive known for her significant contributions to AI. As the CTO of OpenAI, she is at the forefront of developing and overseeing innovative AI technologies. Her work, which includes pivotal projects like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and GPT-4, is shaping the future of AI. Mira Murati has been a vocal advocate for AI regulation, stressing the need for governmental involvement in establishing safety standards for AI deployment.

Ida Tin - Founder of Clue, Pioneer of 'Femtech'

Ida Tin is a Danish entrepreneur and the founder of Clue, a period-tracking app and menstrual health resource with 10 million users in 190 countries. Clue helps women understand their cycles and their bodies, and also gathers data that can be used to push women's science forward. In 2016, Tin was credited for coining the term "femtech" to refer to technology designed for women's health.

Yamini Rangan - CEO of HubSpot

As CEO at HubSpot, Yamini Rangan is redefining digital marketing and customer engagement, showcasing how female leadership is pivotal in evolving global tech companies. With over 25 years in the tech industry, she is known for leading high-performance teams with empathy and curiosity. San Francisco Business Times recognized Yamini as one of the Most Influential Women in Business. 

Julia Hartz - Co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite

Julia Hartz is an American entrepreneur, investor, and the co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite, a global ticketing and event technology platform. She is known for her leadership of Eventbrite during the COVID-19 pandemic and for empowering women in the technology industry. She has been recognized in several prestigious lists such as Fortune's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and Inc.'s Female Founders 100.

Helena Samsioe - Founder and CEO of GLOBHE

Swedish entrepreneur Helena Samsioe is the visionary behind GLOBHE, a company leveraging drone technology for humanitarian and health purposes. Her work exemplifies the use of technology for social good, illustrating the significant positive impacts tech can have on society. Helena has been named in the World's Top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes and has been featured as the Drone Queen on BBC.

These women are just a few examples of the countless inspiring female leaders in tech. However, the journey towards gender equality in this domain is far from complete. Women in this field face unique challenges, including gender bias, underrepresentation, and the struggle for equal opportunities and pay. Not to mention the struggle for equal funding opportunities. These leaders serve not only as success stories but also as reminders of the barriers that still need to be dismantled.

💬 Do you have a female role model in tech? Let me know in the comments! 


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