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9 tips for outsourcing tasks to AI tools

While 35% use AI to automate only up to a quarter of their tasks, 16% automate between a quarter and half of their work with AI and 9% automate nearly all their tasks with AI. 

Maybe you have just started experimenting with AI tools. Or maybe you are among the 9% of freelancers who have automated nearly all tasks. Or maybe you are somewhere in between. 

Regardless of where you are in your AI journey, it can be helpful to have a framework for what tasks to outsource to AI. 

Because the fact is, not all tasks are suitable for outsourcing to AI. It's about finding a balance where AI enhances your workflow without overshadowing your personal touch. 

How to decide what tasks to outsource to AI 

1. The repetitive vs. the creative

Start by listing down your daily tasks. Which ones feel like a never-ending loop? Maybe it's sorting emails, scheduling posts, or analyzing website traffic. These are perfect for AI! But tasks that need your unique touch, like crafting personalized responses or designing a killer marketing strategy? Keep those in your own capable hands.

2. Data-driven or relationship-driven?

AI is an expert at crunching numbers and spotting trends. If you've got tasks that are data-centered, let AI do the job. On the other hand, when it comes to building relationships with clients, your personal touch is irreplaceable. 

3 Weigh the pros and cons

Think about the costs and the ROI (return on investment) of AI. Not just money, but time and effort too. Will an AI tool save you enough of these to justify its cost? And don't forget about quality. We all want to give our clients top-notch work, so make sure your AI tools maintain those standards.

4 Choose your AI tools wisely

AI’s got skills, but it's not a jack-of-all-trades. Do some homework to understand what AI tools excel in our field. Content generation, SEO, and customer service are some areas where AI can shine. But always be aware of its limitations, especially in understanding the nuances of human interactions.

Ps. Want some help when it comes to choosing AI tools? I’ve curated the ultimate list of AI marketing tools for freelancers - grab it for free! 

5 Keep it real with clients

Some clients might be all for AI, while others might be a bit skeptical. It’s crucial to understand their preferences and be upfront about using AI in your services.

6 Make AI work in your workflow

Integration is key. Any AI tool you bring in should fit seamlessly into your existing setup. Make sure to have an eye on what your AI tools are doing so that it is not going off the rails.

7 The ethics of AI

Make sure the AI tools you use are up to date with data protection laws. And remember, just because AI can write a killer article, it doesn’t mean it should bypass copyright laws.

8 Learn and adapt with AI

The AI landscape is always changing. Stay up to date with the latest developments and be ready to tweak your strategy as you go. And set up a system to regularly check how well your AI integration works. Are you saving time? Is the quality still there? Keep learning and keep iterating your workflow.

9 Test the waters before diving in

Before you go all in, try a small-scale test. Pick a task, use an AI tool, and see how it goes. Set some clear goals to measure success and be ready to make adjustments.

The bottom line

AI isn't here to take over our jobs; it's here to make our lives easier. By strategically choosing what to outsource to AI, we can focus on the creative, human aspects of our work while letting AI handle the grunt work.


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