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Profile: Mikaela Aare - multi-passionate entrepreneur making waves in the NFT space

If you’re a creator or entrepreneur in the digital space - you’re in a good position to harness the power of NFTs in your business. NFTs enable entirely new business models and can help you build a closer connection with your audience and your customers.

👋 Meet Mikaela Aare, founder of Rebel Wonderland. Mikaela is the “not-so-ordinary” career counselor, passionate about helping individuals level up in their careers through her community, mentorship, courses, and classes. As a self-taught tech enthusiast, Mikaela has successfully integrated NFTs into her business.

In this profile, you will learn about:

  • How Mikaela first entered the NFT space

  • The untapped potential of NFTs - according to Mikaela

  • Her best advice for beginners who want to get started with NFTs

Let’s dive in! 👇

Entering the NFT space - how it started

Mikaela has a background in career counseling, recruitment, and theater production, She describes herself as a self-taught tech enthusiast who loves to learn about new tech. “I’m always on a journey to level up, and part of that is getting ultra nerdy about digital transformation and innovations.”

Mikaela first heard about web3 and NFTs through word of mouth and social media about two years ago.

“My sister saw something about NFTs on TikTok and asked me if I had heard about it, that was the first time I heard about the concept of NFTs.”

As an innovator and early adopter of new tech, it didn’t take long before Mikaela started learning by doing.

Creating her first NFT collection

Mikaela started creating digital art as NFTs in the spring of 2021. Since then, she has invested in several projects and gone down the rabbit hole of Web3.

In 2022, Mikaela released her NFT collection Powerhouse Process as part of a digital course. She also has a limited collection of NFTs for her membership community, where the NFT functions as a bonus as well.

“The first collection was created purely as artwork and as a gift for the course participants and to teach them about NFTs in a very practical way. The NFT that is connected to the Rebel Wonderland Membership was made with the intent of future gifts to members that hold one of the limited artworks - free coaching sessions and merch…among other gifts. The feedback has been amazing! I have very curious and forward-thinking people in my community and I have been able to teach them about this new kind of Web3 world through NFTs.”

The untapped potential of NFTs

When it comes to the potential of NFTs, Mikaela thinks we have only scratched the surface.

“In essence, an NFT is a digital proof of ownership that can be used in a lot of industries. An NFT could for example be used as a member pass to a gym, entry to a co-working space, a concert ticket or an art fair.”

From a creator standpoint, NFTs enable you to monetize your work through a direct relationship with the end customer. “For example, an artist can put out digital art directly to the client instead of going through gatekeepers like galleries.”

The future of the NFT space

Currently, the NFT space is in a so-called bear market, meaning that the prices of NFTs are going down and fewer people are interested in buying NFTs. In a bear market, people might be more careful with their money and wait to buy NFTs until the market shows signs of recovery.

“The volatile climate in the NFT and crypto space escalated in the spring of 2022, when we saw a lot of failed projects, scams and crypto losses.”

Looking ahead into 2023, Mikaela predicts that the bear market will persist for quite some time.

“The longer the bear market has a hold on the world the harder it will be to really talk about NFTs again. It takes time.”

However, Mikaela is a firm believer in the underlying technology.

“Web3 is here already, we just need to continue to evolve it.”

Advice for beginners

For beginners who want to learn more about web3 and NFTs, Mikaela recommends starting with resources like Web3 University and OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs. She also highlights the importance of doing your own research to avoid scams.

“The most important thing is to do your own research. A lot of things in the crypto/NFT space might seem too good to be true - and they usually are.”

Lastly, Mikaela shares her thoughts on how we can create a more diverse tech space.

“The more role models the better! Don’t be afraid to try new things and network within the industry you want to become a part of.”

How to connect with Mikaela

Instagram: @mikaela.aare LinkedIn: Mikaela Aare Website: Rebel Wonderland


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