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🦾 Special Edition: Handpicked content for the holiday season

Hi friend 👋

As the holidays approach and the year draws to a close, I hope you are starting to shift into a slower pace and perhaps considering taking a well-deserved break. The holiday season is a perfect time for reflection when we can reassess our goals and recharge, both mentally and physically, for the upcoming challenges of the new year.

Personally, I’m gearing up for a vacation with my family in Australia, but before that we are celebrating Christmas here in Bali. Coming from Europe and being used to a winter Christmas, it will be interesting to experience a tropical Christmas this year.

As a special holiday edition, I’m sharing a few handpicked content pieces for you to get comfy with during your holiday downtime.

On that note, I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2024 🎆


🎁 Handpicked Holiday Favorites

What better way to spend the holiday downtime than fueling your creativity and knowledge? Here's a handpicked selection of podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles to dive into during the holidays.

🎙 Podcasts to tune into

Sam Altman interview on the podcast “What Now, with Trevor Noah”

Trevor Noah has a candid and revealing conversation with Sam Altman, who was ousted and then reinstated as CEO of OpenAI just 12 days earlier. Sam recounts where he was when he received the brutal phone call, how it all really went down, and its emotional toll. Trevor and Sam also discuss ChatGPT’s explosive release last year, Sam's hopes for AI to better humankind, as well as its potential for evil if not governed properly.

Talking to animals with AI ethicist Aza Raskin

When did we get so disconnected from the world around us? How can we find our way back? Aza Raskin thinks the answer might lie in humanity's greatest adversary - listening.

As co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology and of the Earth Species Project, Aza and his team are using Artificial Intelligence to decode the language of animals, from whales to crows, while remaining dedicated to ensuring the accelerating rise of A.I. remains safe and responsibly handled.

📽 YouTube videos to watch

Shocking predictions from The Simpsons for 2024

For many years, The Simpsons seem to have dropped predictions and prophecies that have proven to be very accurate. From the predictions of the COVID-19 outbreak to the rise of Kamala Harris as the first black female vice president, The Simpsons have operated on an unprecedented level of accuracy. So, what do they have to say about 2024?

15 genius Canva hacks in under 10 minutes

Even if you are a regular Canva user I can guarantee that you will learn something new in this video to save you time and energy in your designs.

📖Articles to read

Experts share their predictions for the future of artificial intelligence in 2024.

The seven must-know AI tips you need to start off 2024 strong.


🧑‍🎄 Just for fun

That's it for this edition!

If you have any requests for topics we should cover or suggestions for how we can improve At Scale to better serve you – just hit reply to this email, I'm all ears.

Thanks for reading!

Your guide in the tech jungle,


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