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🦾 The AI future is not just for tech giants

The state of AI in 2023 and what it means for you

Hi friend 👋

I’m finally back after a few weeks of some much-needed vacation. But, it’s been an intense few weeks as I’ve relocated to the other side of the world with my husband and our 3 kids 🌎

We’ve traveled from Sweden to Bali, with a few exciting stops on the way - like Dubai - Kolkata, India - and Bangkok, Thailand.

Now we’re based in Sanur, Bali. And the plan is to stay here at least until the end of the year.

If you want to follow along on our adventures in Bali - find me on instagram - @ylvapredan

Me and my oldest daughter in Sanur beach, Bali

If you’re a new subscriber - welcome! 🥳

My mission with At Scale is to demystify new tech by diving into complex topics like AI and web3 and sharing my learnings along the way, in simple terms.

As a business owner and creator myself – I want to stay in the loop with how the digital landscape is changing, how it will impact me, and how I can use this new tech to my advantage in my business.

So if you also want to keep up with the changing digital landscape - you’re in the right place my friend 🤗

💡 In this issue:

✅ The state of AI in 2023 and what it means for you

✅ From chaos to clarity: organize client work with this Chrome hack

✅ What happened with Twitt…sorry 𝕏

Let’s dive in 🏊‍♀️


🔎 Deep Dive

The state of AI in 2023 and what it means for you

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, understanding the role and potential of AI is crucial. Whether you’re a freelancer or an online business owner, AI is likely to impact your business in some way. But there is also massive opportunity with the explosive growth of generative AI.

The AI future is not just for tech giants; it’s also for online business owners like you and me.

Drawing insights from a recent study by McKinsey, let’s take a closer look at the state of AI in 2023 and what it means for you.

1. Steady Growth, Boundless Potential

AI’s adoption has stabilized, at least for the moment, with 55% of companies having integrated AI into their processes. However, the breadth of AI applications remains relatively limited.

Key takeaway: There’s a significant opportunity for small businesses to harness and gain advantages from AI.

2. Generative AI – The Rising Star

Generative AI, commonly referred to as ‘gen AI’, is becoming increasingly prominent. This advanced form of AI is capable of creating content, crafting designs, and simulating human interactions.

Key takeaway: Gen AI can serve as a powerful tool to enhance your creativity and increase productivity, especially within marketing.

3. The Evolving Workforce

With the rise of AI, the workforce landscape is undergoing a notable shift. Roles such as prompt engineering are on the rise, while others are seeing a decline.

Key takeaway: Now is a good time for freelancers and specialists to look into these patterns and adapt their skill sets accordingly.

4. Augmentation, Not Replacement

One of the study’s significant insights is that while AI holds the potential to automate a significant portion of tasks (60-70%), it isn’t about entirely replacing roles. Instead, AI should be viewed as a tool to augment and enhance human capabilities.

Key takeaway: This is particularly beneficial if you’re an online business owner, who is used to managing all aspects of your business. Now you can utilize AI to manage repetitive tasks and instead focus on your core competencies.

5. Reskilling and Continuous Learning

The study underscores that top-performing businesses heavily invested in AI are actively reskilling their workforce. This trend highlights the importance of continuous learning and adaptation.

Key takeaway: Whether it’s understanding new AI tools or integrating evolving digital practices, staying updated is crucial.

The bottom line

The McKinsey study paints a picture of an AI landscape in 2023 that’s full of opportunities, as well as potential challenges.

For online business owners, embracing AI, understanding its implications, and staying agile will be crucial in this dynamic digital era. Keep learning and exploring.

And hey, if you are reading this, you’re an early adopter and in a great position to leverage AI to your advantage 💪


👀 Tech tip

From Chaos to Clarity: Organize Client Work with This Chrome Bookmark Hack

The world of freelancing is exhilarating, but it also comes with its fair share of chaos.

Raise your hand if, like me, you sometimes feel like a circus performer, juggling multiple clients, and projects at a time 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

I get it.

To gracefully handle all the tasks flying our way, we need a touch of genius called organization.

Sounds obvious, right? But how many times have we found ourselves drowning in a sea of open tabs, searching frantically for that one link or document? We often find ourselves shuffling between different systems, sites, and files… It’s exhausting, and takes so much of our precious time.

But there is a better way! This tech tip has been nothing short of a lifesaver for me. I’m talking hours saved each week. Drum roll, please… 🥁

💡 Bookmark Folders in Google Chrome

How it works: Simply create one dedicated folder for each client in Chrome. Within these folders, bookmark the most essential assets, sites, or links pertinent to that client. Easy peasy!

For example, let’s say, for Client A, you often need to access their website backend, a shared folder in Google Drive, their project management system and maybe their analytics dashboard. All these can be bookmarked under a folder named “Client A” - keeping everything at your fingertips. No more frantic searching. 🎉

Need a visual guide for how to set this up? Check out this super handy YouTube tutorial to get you started 👇

Here’s to fewer headaches and more streamlined workflows.

Organize those bookmarks and feel the stress melt away.

Happy browsing! 🌐


💬 What happened with sorry - 𝕏

Twitter is gone, 𝕏 is here. And the confusion is real. This rebrand happened when I was off the grid so I came back to the platform with A LOT of questions.

This article from The New York Times gives us the lowdown of the whole rebrand and what it means for us users. Here are the main takeaways:

  • The Big Change: Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, rebranded it as ‘X’, a first-of-its-kind move for a major social media platform with such a massive user base.

  • Goodbye Birdie: The familiar blue-and-white bird branding is disappearing. Although still exists and the app’s home button remains bird-themed, Musk’s touch is evident with ‘X’ themed changes even in their office spaces.

  • New Terms on the Horizon: What we once knew as tweets are now ‘posts’. Retweets might become ‘reposts’, and the community is suggesting playful terms like “xeets” and “xcerpts”.

  • Why the Change? Musk envisions X as an “everything app”, a hub for diverse interactions from social media to financial transactions.

Are you on Twitt…sorry 𝕏? Come say hi!


🥳 Just for fun

Real business is done on paper…write that down (on your laptop)


That’s it for this edition!

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